Consultation Services

  • Are you a beginning, intermediate or advanced genealogist that needs another set of eyes to review your research and give you feedback or suggestions for further research?
  • Do you have a difficult research problem you would like help with?
  • Do you wish to grow your genealogical research abilities and would like some one-on-one tutoring in a certain area?
  • Do you have a genealogical manuscript, article, research paper or other writing project you would like to have edited?
  • Do you have a collection of documents and information but aren’t sure how to create a final product from them?
  • I have extensive experience with Reunion (for Mac) and Evernote and can give private tutorials on setting up and using these products or answering any questions you might have.

I enjoy working with fellow researchers and professionals. We all need outside help sometimes for projects or research problems. I love proofreading and editing, educating, and looking at research problems from a different angle. Click here if you would like to discuss scheduling a consultation.

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