Google Maps

I have created a map of all of the documents that I have located for Thomas Carroll Mitchell. You can view it here:

Google Maps

2 thoughts on “Google Maps

  1. It is an absolute shame that your awesome Thomas Carroll Mitchell Migration map does not come up in the Google results when searching for Thomas Carroll Mitchell Migration. What is up with that? I wonder if you could “suggest a link” to Google and make it happen. There is a feedback option at the bottom of the search results….

    1. Are you saying the link itself doesn’t work? Because I tried it and it worked for me. But if you are saying that it doesn’t come up within Google’s own search features, I find that odd because I would think Google would catalog stuff in it’s own domain. I wonder if I have a setting turned off. I will look into it. And I will use your suggestion, to “suggest a link.” However, if you search for “Thomas Carrol Mitchell” or “Thomas Carroll Mitchell migration” you get to my pages and ultimately to the map. So, it’s indirect but available that way. I will work on it. Thank you for your suggestion!

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