Genealogical Goals for 2013

bindersAs the new year is progressing, I have taken some time to address what my genealogical goals for 2013 are. I have broken them down into long term and short term goals. Some are things I’ve been meaning to do, just haven’t had time while others are events I plan on attending or studies I hope to pursue.

Long Term Goals:

  • Organize my office (this is more of an ongoing, every day resolution, but still, I need to keep it visually handy.
  • “Process” my binders. This is in relation to my organization system according to family groups. I recently changed it a little bit and so all of my families need to be caught up.
  • Finish and submit my BCG application by December. (I went “on the clock” at the end of December 2012.)

Short Term Goals:

  • Revise and post my mission statement on my website.
  • Attend GRIP and IGHR provided I get into the desired courses.
  • Add “Mentoring” to my business plan.
  • Attend more online webinars, explore and read more blogs, read the books and magazines I’ve gathered.
  • Create some new programs. I’ve been a little stagnant lately and have not created any new programs to present to local societies.
  • Do more work for my society’s Quarterly.

That’s what I’ve got for today. This list always changes throughout the year but this feels like all of the goals I have been thinking about since the New Year began. I hope you all have your lists and are working toward your goals!

3 thoughts on “Genealogical Goals for 2013

  1. The first two goals are ones that are ongoing for me also. I am happy that you got “on the clock” and I know you will succeed. I am learning a lot from you. I love how you lay things out there.

  2. Hope your goal to create new programs happens. FhGS really enjoyed your presentation, “Finding Newspapers Online”.

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