Genealogy Gratitude – Volunteers

Thank You!
Thank You!

You’ve seen them. Maybe you’ve been one. But you’ve definitely benefited from them. Genealogy volunteers! They tirelessly index records, sit at a library help desk, do look-ups, teach classes, mentor, lead genealogy societies, plan events, write articles, edit quarterlies and newsletters, send emails … they do it all. I know that I personally have benefited from many hours of volunteer time. This is my shout out to all volunteers who are, ever was or ever will be giving of their time freely for the benefit of others! It is another aspect of how awesome the genealogical community is!  THANK YOU!

1 thought on “Genealogy Gratitude – Volunteers

  1. And, I would add a shout out to all those, like yourself, who give presentations around the State to advance our skill in doing family history research. Thanks for sharing your expertise.


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