Year End Recap – Short Term Goals

Samford University
Samford University

While long-term goals can carry over a period of time, I generally expect my short-term goals to be smaller and easier to accomplish. Let’s see how I did this year. My short-term goals for 2013 were:

  • Revise and post my mission statement on my website.
  • Attend GRIP and IGHR provided I get into the desired courses.
  • Add “Mentoring” to my business plan.
  • Attend more online webinars, explore and read more blogs, read the books and magazines I’ve gathered.
  • Create some new programs. I’ve been a little stagnant lately and have not created any new programs to present to local societies.
  • Do more work for my society’s Quarterly.

Here’s the breakdown:

Put my mission statement on my website – I did this as a part of my ProGen study this year. You can view it here in the intro of my website.

Attend GRIP and IGHR – I did get into the courses I wanted and they were quite exciting courses to take! I was lucky enough to have taken Elizabeth Shown Mills’ last Advanced Methods course at IGHR! And I thoroughly enjoyed Tom Jones’ Mastering Genealogical Proof course at GRIP.

Add “Mentoring” to my business plan – I’ve termed consultation now, instead of mentoring. I wavered back and forth over this and feel like mentoring is a personal relationship that develops and can’t be forced or bought, but I can offer consulting services.

Attend more online webinars… – I’ve been watching a lot more of these while I work on organizing in my office or scan documents. I seem to have hit the limit on the number of blogs I can easily follow. There are a lot of us out there blogging and as much as I’d love to read them all, I just can’t. So I have a few of my favorites and I skim the headlines of the rest. As for my books and magazines, I’ve done some work on this but it is a more time-consuming project.

Create some new programs – I have created a new 4-week beginner course curriculum and I have a new lecture on County Histories. I am in the process of writing another one that will be done in January, an Ohio case study.

Do more work for my society’s Quarterly – I have done some of this. I have been extracting data from a ledger from the Boulder Superintendent’s visits to schools and have turned some of it in to the Quarterly editor.

So all in all I am quite pleased with the outcome of my short-term goals for this year. Invariably, things happen that weren’t planned. Next I will discuss the things I accomplished that weren’t on either of these lists.

1 thought on “Year End Recap – Short Term Goals

  1. Cari – The next time you visit here in Kansas, if you like, I will try to get you speaking time at the Salina and Abilene Genealogical meetings.

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