Giving Back to the Genealogical Community

My cat Piper, just because.

If you’re a follower of me or my blog you know that I recently moved from Colorado to Texas. It has had its ups and downs.

Upside: no snow in winter. They keep telling me it gets “cold” and “icy” here but seriously. Until you’ve actually spent winter in someplace north (like Colorado, Ohio, Minnesota, North Dakota, New England…) I am going to snort at your definition of “cold.” No offense intended, I really understand that it is all a matter of perspective. However, I start to melt when it stays above 85 degrees for too long, so they’re going to snort at me when March or April rolls around and I’m complaining about the heat.

Downside: we have had two, yes 2, car accidents in about 3 months time, neither were our fault, both totaled the car. (It’s a longer story but I am trying to make a point here.)

Upside: new repositories, new cemeteries, new genealogical societies, new opportunities.

Downside: between unpacking, being out-of-town, having no car, and having a cold, I haven’t had time to go to any local society meetings yet.

Being at home more than I’m used to got me thinking about how we in the genealogical community can give back even if we aren’t attending a society or if we are unfamiliar with an area or even if we are stuck in our house due to weather, no wheels, or having a cold. The next few posts are going to examine, illustrate, discuss or review various ways to do this.

Plus, I’d love to hear your ideas and/or ways you do this already. I’m always looking for new learning or serving opportunities. Please leave a comment below.

5 thoughts on “Giving Back to the Genealogical Community

  1. Great idea, Cari!

    Maybe you can contact someone at the local society and see if there is a way to attend virtually (Facetime, Google Hangout, etc.) and get to know everyone. Getting this technology in place to help you until you can get back on the road will help other folks in the future — the ones who maybe can’t EVER leave home for health or other reasons, and welcome them into the community. Heck, you could also invite out-of-town members to join in virtually; make them feel more a part of the society.

    I’ve been thinking about getting something like this started in our society – but haven’t really had anyone on the other end yet. I’m hoping to push that idea on our website and social media more this year.


  2. We had a foot of snow in Amarillo week before last. That may not be enough for you but Amarillo is probably closer to Colorado than to wherever you are in Texas. Hope your challenges go away soon and you can begin to enjoy the good things about Texas.

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