Event Schedule for 2015

bigstock_calendar_54869811It just wouldn’t be right if I got this list out in January, or even before the new year started, now would it? Here are the genealogical events I plan to attend in 2015. This year’s schedule is light because of my recent move but I am networking and working at getting into the speaking rotation here locally (Austin, TX area) but for now, only a few lectures are planned this year so far. I do hope to see some of my friends and colleagues at some of these exciting events!

And just because I tend to miss getting this out before the year begins:

  • January 11-15, 2016 – I anticipate attending SLIG, hopefully taking the course “Corpus Juris: Advanced Legal Concepts for Genealogy” from Judy G. Russell OR “Writing a Quality Family Narrative” from John Colletta OR “Research in the South” from Mark Lowe OR … well, there are too many courses I’d like to take!

I hope to see you at one of these and I hope your genealogical year is as much fun as mine is looking to be!

3 thoughts on “Event Schedule for 2015

  1. Busy year!! I recently went to Wichita and visited with Kay and Wanda while they were there for a portraitist class. Kay belongs to a genealogical society near here home and would like to have you come and make a presentation. She said they had a small budget but could probably pay gas money and you could stay with her.

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