Box Adventures: Getting it Out of the Closet

Box Adventures_ Closet


See the box in this photo? I shipped it to myself in 2010. That’s what the label says. Can it really have been 10 years? Ten years ago, my grandmother decided to downsize her home (after already downsizing from a large farm several years prior) and move into a small apartment. She was not able to keep up with the yard and housework anymore. A large garage sale would take place and a dumpster may have been mentioned. I got on a plane.

In fact, I sent four boxes home. Items were delivered to a pack-n-ship where they very carefully wrapped everything and got it ready for the cross country journey from Ohio to Colorado. I’m happy to add that nothing was broken! Three of the boxes were dishes or other things that used to belong to my great grandmother (whom I’m named after). But this one box is FULL of papers, photos, and I cannot remember what else because even though I packed the box, it has been ten years. And within those ten years, my family moved from Colorado to Texas. So… this is LONG overdue.

You don’t have any projects like that sitting around, do you? Surely not. I’m the only bad, bad genealogist out there.

Well, I’ll be unpacking the box over the next couple of weeks and scanning, sorting, and storing in archival boxes. (I have a couple I bought TEN years ago for this project!) I’ll share some of the cool treasures I find along the way. I hope you get out a scanning project or two you have tucked away and join me!

1 thought on “Box Adventures: Getting it Out of the Closet

  1. I’m working on several long delayed projects! I’m currently annotating and posting my great grandparents “Family Memories” manuscripts from the 1930s on my blog. After that – I take on the family photos 🙂

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