Valentine’s Day a Little Early

We are all working/schooling from home in my household. So, when the flower delivery came Monday, it was my husband who answered because I was in a meeting.

As long-time readers will know, we recently moved back to Colorado after being in Texas for 6 years. We had been planning to move after our daughter graduated high school, but when everything went online and we weren’t “tied” to Texas anymore, we decided quite quickly to take the plunge and head back. I missed the crisp mornings and the view to the west.

We just bought a house and will spend February moving into the new house. (We’ve been renting for 6 months while we shopped.) So, the blog might be a bit low-key, with shorter posts and announcements rather than a more in-depth series for a few weeks while we get re-settled. I’m just happy to be able to unpack my genealogy books soon!

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