Preparing for a Research Trip: Types of Trips

These last 2 years have been very strange for most of us. I typically traveled several times per year for speaking, institute attendance, or research purposes. As we look toward the future and to a time when traveling safely might resume, let’s explore the ways to prepare for research trips.

There are several types of research trips to prepare for. Each one has similarities and differences. In this blog series we will examine ways to prepare for these:

  • Family Visits to conduct interviews, gather photos & documents or obtain DNA samples
  • Cemetery Tour to visit cemeteries in ancestral or far flung locations
  • Repository Visits to conduct research in libraries, archives, and courthouses
  • “One-Stop” Library such as the Family History Library, Allen County Public Library, or Mid-Continent Public Library
Researching at the Family History Library

With any of these trips you’ll need to consider:

  • Travel such as air, train, bus, or car
  • Hotel, or staying with friends or family
  • Food, groceries, or restaurants
  • and other logistics unique to the area.

Over the next few weeks, we will examine each type of trip including what to bring and how to prepare ahead of time.

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