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My Lineage Society Goals

I know you’ve probably heard about DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution) (I’ve joined under my ancestor Samuel Dimmick #A032219) and the Mayflower Society (General Society of Mayflower Descendants) (as far as I can tell, I didn’t have any ancestors on the Mayflower, but I’m still looking).

There are a wide variety of lineage societies, however. You probably qualify for several. Many are state or regional such as the many “First Families of _____ ” (insert a state) or “Descendants of _____” (insert a military action or special group). Regardless of which society, they all have something in common: “A lineage society is an organization created to honor a specific heritage or event. Members of lineage societies must prove their descent of that heritage or event through industry approved genealogical proof standards.”1 We like to honor our ancestors and our heritage in many ways.

I recently mailed in an application to the National Society Descendants of American Farmers (NSDOAF). This is a relatively new society, who is at the time of this writing, still accepting charter lifetime members (through 30 November 2019). The qualifications:

Membership is open to Men and Women 18 years of age or older who are lineal descendants of a “farmer” living within the present boundaries of the United States between July 4, 1776 – December 31, 1900.

Miller_William and Carrie
William and Carrie (Limmer) Miller, date unknown.

I am applying under my great-grandfather, William John Miller. I am named after his wife Carrie Ann (though mine is spelled differently). They helped raise my grandpa after his mother died shortly after his younger brother was born. I never had the chance to meet them but my grandpa always spoke very highly of them. He wanted to be a farmer and when he could afford it, bought 80 acres near his grandparents in Perrysburg Township, Wood County, Ohio.

So many times as a genealogical speaker, I hear people say something along the lines of “my ancestors were just farmers, they didn’t do much.” To that I say “baloney.”2 They worked to feed their community and their nation. They deserve as much recognition as anyone and I hope if you have farmers in your family tree (most of us do), that you consider honoring their unsung service to America by joining NSDOAF. The qualifications are pretty easy!

If you want an interactive group while you are preparing your application, they have a Facebook group where you can ask questions, get the forms, and generally be supported. (I received word via the group that my application was received and approved!)

(Now to finish my Daughters of 1812 application…)

1. From “Quick List of Lineage Societies” on Lineage Society of America (viewed 10 July 2019).

2. Or is that “bologna”?

Working on the Descendants

I have been working to trace the descendants of Thomas Carroll and Angeline Mitchell, especially the descendants of Martha (Mitchell) and Harvey Long.

I just recently made a tour of 4 cemeteries in Wood County, Ohio and found several of the descendants. I took my helpers along.

Ethan and Ellie were eager to help look even in the heat. They earned 25¢ for looking and another 25¢ for finding the sought after tombstone. In the end they each earned $1.50!

Before I started, I used Google Maps and mapped out the cemeteries I wanted to visit along with who I was looking for in each:

View Cemetery Tour July 2011 in a larger map

Here are the stones we found:

William H. Long – Went by “Harvey” most of the time, Weaver Cemetery, Wood County, Ohio

Martha A. Long – Went by “Mattie”. Her maiden name is Mitchell, daughter of Thomas and Angeline. Weaver Cemetery, Wood County, Ohio

I also found their son “Willie W. Long” who I had previously only known to have “died in infancy” and his father’s obit also listed him as “William S.” not “W”.

Clara (Long) and Floyd Bullis – Clara was a daughter of Mattie and Harvey Long, Plain Cemetery, Wood County, Ohio

Carrie (Long) and Harry Rudd – Carrie was a daughter of Mattie and Harvey Long, Tontogany Cemetery, Wood County, Ohio

Martha (Long) and Jacob Hentges – Martha was a daughter of Mattie and Harvey Long, Saint Louis Cemetery, Wood County, Ohio.

That’s the 4 cemeteries and the 4 couples I was trying to locate. Check out the Google Map above to see what I did with it to help the research and keep track of my results. Click on the name of each cemetery and you will get a description of what I was looking for, a photo of the tombstone I found.

Joseph Higdon/Higden

In the previous post about census findings for Thomas and Angeline Mitchell I listed the 1850 census. One page later in the 1850 census for Barren County, Kentucky is the household of Joseph Higdon/Higden. [Ancestry link]

On Angeline’s death certificate it listed her father as “Thomas Mitchell” (obviously not correct) and her mother as “Joe Higdon.” (Probably not her mother, but possibly her father.) I am going to begin looking at Joseph Higdon as a possibility for her father. [Angeline Mitchell death certficate, no. 8014, Missouri State Board of Health, Bureau of Vital Statistics, Jefferson City.]

Searching through Ancestry, I was able to locate Asa R./B. Higdon, one of Joseph’s sons, in the 1860 census in Springfield, Henry County, Missouri with possible wife Emeline M. (age 18), a child Jessee B. (age 1) and his sister Mary Higdon (age 32). [Ancestry link]

Gilbert Z. Avery -1850 Census

I found Gilbert Z. Avery in the Wood County, Ohio census as follows:

Gilbert Z. Avery 33
Eliza J. 26
Washington E. 5
John B. 3
Fanny M. 7
Jonas Zimmer 23
William R. H. Avery 23 (brother) (Also enumerated with father’s household in 1850)

Gilbert Z. Avery household, 1850 U.S. census, Wood County, Ohio, population schedule, Plain township, district 154, page 312, dwelling 687, family 709; National Archives micropublication M432, roll 741. [Ancestry Link]

Averys of Wood County

Both my mother’s side and my father’s side of my family tree intersect about 4 or 5 generations back. It all comes down to  the Averys and the Meekers of Wood County. Specifically the Averys descended from William Rufus Hyde Avery of New York and the Meekers descended from Mahlon Meeker from Sussex County, New Jersey. Many thanks to Darlene Lewis of Ohio for some of the information here and her research assistance.

Also, I will explore the inter-relation of the Averys to the Meekers of Wood County. It seems that many Avery siblings married Meeker siblings since the families lived next door to each other. I would like to track that and gain a better understanding of their relationships.