Four Generation of Meekers on the Great Lakes

Stephen Ezra Meeker was a ship captain out of Cleveland, Ohio. He was born in Huron, Erie County, Ohio in 1871 to Barney and Maggie (Kline) Meeker.

Two main research questions are addressed in this case study:

  • Who were the paternal grandparents of Stephen E. Meeker?
  • Which ships did he pilot?

In the process of answering these two questions, a larger family tree is created, and further information on Stephen E. Meeker’s career is discovered. Additionally, information about community members and his extended family is established, which assists in answering the main research questions. The interconnectedness of this community is not unique and can be examined throughout the development of communities in the entire Great Lakes region.

This lecture begins with a brief discussion of the FAN Club (friends, associates, and neighbors) and the importance of solid research questions before diving into the case study.