From Deeds to Dirt: Case Studies in Analyzing Research With Maps

Ordnance Survey "One-Inch" MapOur ancestors existed in a time and a place. Maps are one way to give the names and dates in our genealogical research  more life, context, and excitement. Where did they live? What would they have seen? How did they get around? Cari Taplin will examine various ways researchers can use maps to trace their ancestors and their research. Some of the topics she will cover are:

  • A look at different types of maps
  • Tech tricks for using maps such as Google Maps’ “My Places”
  • Using maps to determine possible migration routes
  • Using collected research to recreate neighborhoods
  • Using maps as an alternative (or additional) research log
  • Online map collections
  • Mini-case studies to illustrate using maps for analysis

Experience level: intermediate/advanced