Spitting is the Easy Part! DNA and Genealogical Research Problems

Your test results have come in. You may have even browsed the site a bit and learned a lot about your closest matches. Did your matches help answer your research question? Did you have a research goal when you tested? If not, that’s ok. This presentation will help you understand which tests can help with particular research questions and give some tips for working through your matches.

Topics include:

  • Types of DNA
  • Which test to take for a particular genealogical problem
  • Linking your tree to your DNA test
  • Reviewing your matches on Ancestry
  • Quick discussion on chromosome mapping and visual phasing
  • Suggestions for more DNA education

This is a survey of the topic of DNA and does not go in-depth on any one topic. It is meant for beginners or those who have not decided if they should take a DNA test.