Using Timelines and Tables to Analyze Your Research

In-depth and difficult research tasks create large amounts of data to compare and analyze. Discover analysis methods using tables and timelines to solve problems.

Topics included:

  • Introduction of analysis techniques including examples of timelines and tables
  • Creating a timeline
    • use a variety of tools such as word processor, spreadsheets, timeline software
    • finding historical timelines online to enhance yours
    • timeline tips and tricks – color coding, footnotes/citations
    • using timelines to separate individuals of the same/similar name
  • Creating tables
    • use a variety of tools such as word processor or spreadsheets
    • discuss the endless variety of tables that could be created (document comparisons)
    • tables for organizing research notes
    • demonstration of using table to corroborate data to determine a mother’s maiden name
  • Case study examples demonstrating timelines and tables
    • Census compilation example
    • Angeline Mitchell’s maiden name
    • Sorting obituary data in a table
    • Using a timeline to solve a two men, one name problem